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Discover This Amazing Underdog Story & Follow Along As Dave Shares His Secrets About Overcoming Any Obstacle, Making The NHL & How He Became One Of The World's Top Peak Performance Coaches

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What Do Others Think?


"They broke the mold when they made Dave. The world, especially now, needs more people like him!! 
Tony Robbins

“The ability to reinvent himself the way he has is not easy for an ex professional athlete, but Dave has done it multiple times. This quality to never except failure or be denied in life again is a god given gift. I trust my life with him and my secrets and know that they are both safe forever. A guy I know I will call my friend as long as I’m walking above ground. !!"

Jeremy Roenick 9 x NHL All Star!”
Tony Robbins

Anyone that has been around Dave knows that he looks at life a little differently than most. This book gives us some insight as to why. It has been a long time since anyone shared an emotional roller coaster ride with such vulnerability. If you’ve ever struggled with hardships of a dream…read this book. 

Chad Kroeger Nickelback Over 50 Million Albums Sold - Over 2 Billion Spotify Streams

"When I read this book it gave me goosebumps because I can relate to a lot of what Dave talks about in the book! I’ve lived through some of the same things and gone through similar struggles at times, but the game of hockey is too good to ever want to stop. I am excited for everyone else to get their hands on this awesome read."

—Clark Gillies, Hockey Hall of Fame 2002 4 X Stanley Cup Winner

I am so proud of our hockey family and how each player who has ever played the game at the highest level conducts himself and represents our sport with such integrity. 
Every teammate who has ever played with Dave Scatchard loves his intensity, competitive spirit and team loyalty. 
As I've gotten to know him as a person, i enjoy his humor, joy of life and love of family and friends. 
I hope you enjoy his story of dedication and inspiration. 

Bryan Trottier
Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee 1997  - 7 Time Stanley Cup Winner

Hurry & Get Everything Included Before It's Gone...

"This Book Is Unlike Anything That You Have Read Up Until Now...."

WARNING: This Book Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Look At Life Differently After Reading It!!

The vulnerability, authenticity, raw and real nature of this book is different than anything that is out there right now. If you want to be taken on a wild ride of every type of emotion that you can imagine...then you have to give this book a read.

Hurry & Get Everything Included Before It's Gone...

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Here's What People Are Saying... 

Without David in my corner shining a light when I couldn’t see I can’t imagine where I would be....His way of breaking your mind down and re-establishing your positive mindsets is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned. 
Russell Brunson

Learning about who I really am and believing in that person is the greatest gift I could have given myself. If people are telling themselves “I can’t afford a great life coach?” Well, I'm telling you, you can’t afford NOT to have one!! . 
 I am on my way and he is still finding way to show value in my life. He is as much a mentor as he is a great friend! The word THANK YOU, just doesn’t describe how I feel. It’s unexplainable to feel like the best version of myself again.”

Reed Low Former NHL Star - 
Multiple Business Owner
St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks

“I feel like I am stepping into the life I've always wanted to live. Dave is extremely gifted at going for what he wants and achieving it. That alone is contagious.!”

"One of his most inspirational qualities is his loving nature and big heart. It’s clear how laser focused he is on my personal development and growth-on all of the people he coaches and supports. He is ready to help me challenge old stuck patterns and tap into higher
states. There is a fearless, playful, and giving nature to how he does this. It feels a lot like a bigger kid coming back and reaching out a hand to me and saying “Come on! Let’s go!”"

Jessica Millar

“ Working with Dave has been a game changer for my business 
and my personal life”

“Dave has provided me with the that tools that have enabled me to develop new strategies and systems to elevate my business, and he brings a high level of energy to our coaching meetings that is motivating, inspiring and contagious !”

Chace Whitson Top 1% Realtor 
“I have so much more calm and peace, the stress is so much less since working with Dave!”

“Every time something came up for me Dave had the answer!”

Austin Schiro  Film Maker
“God knew exactly what I needed to get through one of the darkest seasons in my life and it was the gift of Dave Scatchard!”

"Dave’s amazing light brought clarity, healing and vision to set me on a path to break free from my old mindset and set out on the path of being a champion in my life. I’m forever grateful."

Subyn Novelle
 Auctioneer Host Emcee Model Actress
 Life is about rhythm, speed, accuracy, and balance...Dave is exceptional at rebalancing and refocusing and seeing what you need....exceptional person and insight on many levels. A gift.!”

" Having a guy like Dave on your team is a game changer. So much knowledge and talent, his ability to be there and share the right tool at the right time is uncanny. Thankful for his ability to share it with others and brings the edge back."

Tom RIchards CEO
“Dave gave me the tools to re-connect to the champion that I have inside of me and the tools that I need to become 
who I want to be!”

“After Dave worked on my old and new operating system I got the CFO job I wanted and lost 60 lbs. Having a coach really held me accountable and I love it. ”

Tom Schneider CFO
2007 World Series of Poker Player of the Year
4x World Series of Poker Bracelet Champion
“Hiring Dave as a life coach for our advisors has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made in my career as a leader.”

“ It is no secret that it is extremely challenging to be your best in the work environment if you are not your best in your personal life. Dave has not only helped my team realize that, but has given them the tools to help them achieve their personal best. Dave has worked with a number of our advisors to help them lock in the potential they have always been capable of, and the results have been amazing. I would strongly recommend Dave’s services to anyone who is looking to become a better version of themselves!”

Dillan Micus Executive Vice President 
Equitable Advisors
“Dave is extremely competitive and in my personal experiences with him, he approaches new challanges with a thirst for success that cannot be quenched! ”

“ Dave is a SUPER nice guy, and I'm honored to call him my friend! He always treats everybody with the utmost respect. But what makes Dave so SPECIAL and so Unique, is his extreme POSITIVITY! Dave will find a way to shed positive light onto everybody and every situation, no matter how bleak things might appear!!”

Greg Mueller 3 x World Series Of Poker Champion
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